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At Balik&Hazir Law Firm, our team provides comprehensive advice on a wide range of matters in the extractive industries, including the construction, development, funding, and operation of mines, quarries, and related infrastructure both in the Turkey and internationally. Our experienced team of professionals offers tailored advice that is tailored to our clients' individual needs, ensuring efficient and effective solutions.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

The mining, minerals, and aggregates industry is expected to experience a surge in global demand, driven by the economic growth of developing economies, the stabilization of developed regions, and the continued expansion of the tech industry. Despite this, the industry faces a number of challenges, and mining companies must invest in innovative and cutting-edge processes to ensure efficient and sustainable business models. Furthermore, funders and traditional lenders are exposed to increased risks when investing in the sector due to the rising production costs that borrowers face, partly caused by national policies aimed at reducing the extractive industries' carbon footprint.

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