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Energy Law & Natural Resources

Our lawyers are chosen by some of the largest and leading players in this sector, in Turkey as well as internationally, and we regularly represent some of the most prominent and promising renewable energy and clean-tech companies.

Yeşil Enerji Türbinleri

Wherever change and innovation happens in the global energy market, Balik&Hazir Law Firm is at the forefront, helping our clients to anticipate and respond to change and to identify and capitalise on opportunities. 

Many businesses are actively looking at ways to be involved in the energy supply chain (either alone or with partners) whether to reduce costs, improve energy security, exploit commercial opportunities or enhance their green credentials. But making sound investment decisions in an uncertain market is risky. You need advisors who understand the uncertainties and can provide pragmatic, incisive advice that helps to minimise those risks.

Balik&Hazir Law Firm has extensive experience around power generation and renewable energies, from nuclear and gas, to solar, biomass, wind and offshore marine. This broad coverage means that we bring not only real know-how and experience, but also new ideas and innovative ways of working. 

Energy Sectors

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