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FinTech & Blockchain

We enjoy a formidable reputation amongst domestic and international banks, building societies and other major financial institutions as well as sophisticated borrowers.

Our market leading lawyers have extensive experience across a diverse range of finance-related assignments including underwriting, primary syndication and debt transfers (including portfolio transactions).

Image by Pascal Bernardon

The evolution of finance shows no signs of slowing. With all the new products, new technologies and new regulations, you can often achieve similar results in a number of ways. But in a tightly-controlled market like Turkey's, these can have very different tax and regulatory implications.

That’s where we come in. Balik&Hazir Law commands a thorough knowledge of the region’s finance markets. We regularly advise leading Turkish and international lenders, borrowers, facilitators and investment funds on structuring complex, big-ticket financial transactions.

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At Our Law Firm, you will be working with well experienced lawyers in different languages including Italian, Turkish, Spanish 

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