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Kadın Avukat

Ecem Ölgün İlhan

Senior Associate


+90 554 544 22 64



Ms. Ecem is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association. In 2018, she completed a two-year specialization course in Family and Inheritance law.

She primarily deals with matters related to civil law both in litigation and out-of-court settings, with a particular focus on family law and successions, private contract law, debt recovery and enforcement procedures, insurance law, and personal injury compensation.

Dedicated and compassionate Family Law Solicitor with 9 years of experience advocating for clients in complex family law cases. Proven track record of providing comprehensive legal advice and representation, with a strong commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for clients. Possesses excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of family law regulations and procedures.

Practice Areas




Litigation in Family Law and International Family Law

Gaziantep Hasan Kalyoncu University 

Law Faculty LLM

Turkish - English

Union of Turkish Bar Associations

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