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Data Protection

Advancing technologies and changes in government regulation mean that it is important to keep up-to-date. Digital transformation leads to growth in data that is registered, processed and shared. Today's almost limitless possibilities enable companies to collect, store and use sensitive information about individuals. Most major businesses handle personal data in a manner that implies requirements for internal policies, agreements, guidelines and web sites. Digitization also means that companies are increasingly exchanging data with foreign companies, either as supplier or as customer, in a corporate relationship, or in connection with transactions. This raises issues related to the rules on processing and transfer of personal data.

 Sabit Disk

Our expert team is accomplished at advising businesses on the very latest legal developments. We advise clients on data protection compliance and issues related to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We develop robust control and security routines, consent mechanisms, privacy policies and agreements. We consider license and notification duties as well as requirements for data protection officer. Furthermore, we provide advice on all forms of dialogue and disputes with the authorities. We have extensive experience with cross-border transfer of personal data, both within corporations or in connection with outsourcing and cloud services. We assist with data processing agreements based on EU model contracts and binding corporate rules.

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