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Competition & Antitrust law affect more areas of your business than you may think. Our antitrust experts are keen to help you avoid any hidden risks with practical advice supporting your strategic objectives. And they will be in your corner when you need them most, steering you through the storm and giving you ease of mind. 

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At Balik&Hazir Law Firm you have access to our experienced and multidisciplinary antitrust teams across Europe, made up of pragmatic lawyers who enjoy working with each other across jurisdictions as much as being part of your legal team.

You will benefit from our vast experience in dealing with regulatory and legal matters across the globe, in particular at the interface between regulation and competition law and IP and competition law. 

Our experience in advising on large scale multi-jurisdictional projects means that you can relax, knowing that your worldwide antitrust compliance efforts and questions are under control and you are receiving commercial advice that represents a whole business approach.

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At Our Law Firm, you will be working with well experienced lawyers in different languages including Italian, Turkish, Spanish 

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